Toddlers – 18 to 30 Months

At DREAM daycare toddlers learn in a small group, in a loving home atmosphere where each child receives personal attention and support. The educational environment is organized in a way the matches the child’s development and enables each child to find answers for his or her own wants and needs in various fields. During the day the children will play and act freely in different areas of the kindergarten, and also have a period when all meet together. The children dance, sing and interact with a variety of accessories, play games and listen to stories.

We encourage and promote the child’s overall development. Children in our care will develop and make progress in language and communication, in physio-motoric aspects, and also socially, emotionally and cognitively. Our goal in the social-emotional field is to develop positive self-image and a sense of ability. In the cognitive field, children will be exposed to the concepts of colour, shape, and size, and to other concepts related to the subjects we learn about and to the seasons and holidays. In physical education, the children will improve their basic movement skills and base their self-esteem on their movement abilities. In language and communication, we will develop the children’s language skills, using experiential activities such as play, dance and song. The children listen to short stories and view books appropriate to their age and development stage.

·       At this age the children start to acquire habits of sitting around a table and eating together. The children will experience independent eating, and will have direct contact with their food while transitioning from pureed to solid foods.

·       We assist children in transitioning from diapers and pacifiers!

·       During the year, we will have joint activities with the parents, such as a birthday party for each child, parties related to holidays, and more.

Activities in the kindergarten:


·       “Rythmusic for infants” – the children will learn songs and dances and be activated with music in various styles. Also, they will be exposed to composers and their music.

·       “Movement” – the children will work with many varied accessories.

·       “Growing up with music in your heart” – the children will use various instruments and listen to live music – saxophone, clarinet and mini-organ.

·       Field trips, getting to know the neighbourhood environment.

We make sure the learning is meaningful, and it includes experiential activities to stimulate all five senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch. At DREAM Daycare the children are active, they investigate, sing, dance, create, and, of course – they make dreams come true!

At DREAM Daycare the children are active and create, they dream and, of course – they have their dreams come true!