Example of subject development in various fields

We start the school year with the topics “Fall” and “Friendship.”

In language and communication:

The children learn songs and poems and they are exposed to stories on the subjects “Fall” and “Friendship.” We learn concepts such as fall, deciduous trees, evergreens, wind, rain, friend, pal, etc. The children discuss who their best friend is and what they like doing together. They talk about the things they like to do and how they can make their friends happy. They will discuss changes in the weather and the main characteristics of the fall season.

In physical education:

The children use various accessories such as hoops, balls, rings, etc. They will dance in circles and in pairs.

In musical education:

The children will dance with fallen leaves, with fall-coloured ribbons and scarves, listening to music such as “Autumn” from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. They will dance as clouds and jump as raindrops; we create umbrellas from various materials and pretend the hoops are puddles we dance around.


In cognitive education:

The children count various objects such as leaves, clouds, and drops, they sort objects by various criteria (colour, shape, size), they compare different groups and indicate which are large and which are small.

In art:

The children create, using various materials in fall colours – including fabrics, plastic bags, paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, corks, lids, etc…

At DREAM Daycare the children are active and create, they dream and, of course – they have their dreams come true!