Breakfast includes a variety of sandwiches, vegetables, eggs or tuna salad

 Sandwiches: cream cheese / hummus / tehina / tuna / cottage cheese


     French toast / omelet / hardboiled egg


     cucumber / tomato / green olives / green/red pepper / pickles / corn


     green cabbage / red cabbage / chopped vegetables

 Starting at age 2½ the meal is served buffet-style and the child can pick his or her own sandwich ingredients


Older children receive seasonal fruit, including bananas, apples, pears, orange or clementine, watermelon or melon, as well as morning cereals.

Meal time is 10 to11 am; similar food is offered as an afternoon snack at 4 pm.


First course – Soup

Main course – vegetables, meat and a carbohydrate side-dish


      vegetable / chicken noodle / bean / lentil / tomato / corn


       chicken / beef-turkey-chicken meatballs / schnitzel


        mix / carrot / peas / zucchini / cabbage / cauliflower /squash


        couscous / rice / Israeli couscous / pasta / potato / sweet potato

For infants, the older kids’ food is pureed daily into soup as appropriate for their age

Afternoon Snack (4 pm)

Sandwich and fruit

Cheese and/or tehina and/or tuna and/or hummus and/or chocolate spread

Infants receive pureed fruit

At DREAM Daycare the children are active and create, they dream and, of course – they have their dreams come true!