Infants – 6 Weeks to 18 Months

At DREAM Daycare each baby’s wants and needs are answered – regarding nutrition, sleep-time, and activity time. Each baby sleeps in his or her own bed.

While awake, the babies are active on the activity mat, in the “university” or in the yard; they listen to various styles of music and experience activities of many types, with the teacher singing, dancing, and playing with the babies, using toys and accessories that contribute to their motoric and cognitive development in accordance with each baby’s development stage.

Babies’ nutrition

The smallest babies receive pumped milk or formula, as instructed by the parents.

Transition to solid food:

We listen to both the baby and the parents in respect to transitioning to solid foods. The parents suggest when to offer the baby vegetables for the first time, we will examine together whether the baby is ready and provide encouragement for success. We start by exposing the baby to each vegetable separately, until we achieve a complete vegetable soup. We also puree various fruit in their season and gradually make the texture thicker, until the baby is ready for solid fruit.

  • Joint activities with parents will take place throughout the year.

At DREAM Daycare the children are active and create, they dream and, of course – they have their dreams come true!